Funniest Moments in Premier League History

The Premier League has seen its fair share of funny moments down the years, from funny mishaps on the pitch to managers losing their cool.

We've put our heads together here at funny football stuff and selected 10 of our favourite funny moments (in any particular order).

If you think we've missed your favourite funny premier league moment then please drop a comment below and we'll look to add the video to this growing list.


David Dunn: The New Ronaldo
David Dunn tried to show us that anything Ronaldo can do, he can do better. Unfortunately this happened...

Balotelli Bib Trouble
Okay footballers aren't the brightest sparks but when Balotelli stuggles to put on a football bib before a game, this stereotype was taken to a whole new level.

Robbie Savage Attacked By Referee
Robbie Savage is usually the one giving out agression but in a game against Newcastle, Savage was on the receiving end to an elbow in the face...from the referee!

Harry Redknapp Is a Football Manager!
Harry Redknapp has been one of the funniest managers in the Premier League and this is just one of his funniest moments. In a post-match interview, the Tottenham Hotspur manager was described by the interviewer as a "wheeler dealer," something that the favourite to succeed Fabio Capello did not take too kindly to. Redknapp proceeded to swear, pointing out that he is, in fact, "a f****** football manager."

The Beach Ball Assist
During a game between Liverpool and Sunderland in 2009, a Liverpool fan hit a beach ball onto the pitch. Sunderland's Darren Bent then took a shot, which hit the beach ball and deflected the ball into the goal. Pepe Reina had the shot covered before the beach ball came into play, meaning the Liverpool fan's one contribution to his club's performance on the field was essentially an own goal. If Liverpool have any sense they will ban the fan in question, a child, from their matches; he isn't exactly lucky.

King Kevin Loses It! 
Newcastle United and Manchester United were locked in a battle for the Premier League title back in 1996, and the pressure (and mind games) finally got to Kevin Keegan during an interview. Newcastle had been 12 points ahead in January, but Manchester United caught up after a string of bad results of the Tyneside club. Many have claimed that this meltdown handed Manchester United the title, and it certainly can't have helped Newcastle's cause. Within a year, Kevin Keegan had left Newcastle United, and the club are still yet to win a Premier League title. Manchester United, meanwhile, have won title after title after title.

Jimmy Bullard Team Talk Celebration
After being taken apart by Manchester City in the first half of a Premier League match, Phil Brown conducted his halftime team talk on the pitch, a move which led to widespread criticism. Fast forward to the next season and Jimmy Bullard equalised against the same opposition and proceeded to gather his teammates around him before replicating Brown's team talk, much to everyone's amusement. Even Phil Brown, the victim of the joke, seemed to enjoy it.

Paolo Di Canio Pushes Referee
Paolo Di Canio had just been sent off, and he wasn't happy to say the least. He had already been restrained by his teammates when he got face to face with the referee and gave him a bit of a shove. The referee, Paul Alcock, stumbled for a preposterously long time before finally falling over. Di Canio picked up an 11-match ban for his troubles, but that did little to prevent people remembering Paul Alcock for falling over. The Nigel Winterburn reaction is also really funny.

Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer Fight
Usually when footballer players fight, it's against an opponent but not Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer.

The two Newcastle United midfielders squared up to each other before teammates and Aston Villa players managed to break them up.

Both players were sent off and Bowyer was given an extended ban and was prosecuted for attacking Dyer.

What was Boyer's reason for starting the fight? Dyer didn't pass the ball to him!
Dyer and Bowyer have since made up and played together at West Ham.

Henry and Pires Penalty Howler 
Thierry Henry and Robert Pires must be in the top 10 best footballers to have graced the premier league but this moment back in 2005 against Manchester City is surely one they wish to forget. Pires was supposed to pass the ball forwards so Thierry Henry could run onto the ball and score from close range, but Pires fluffed his lines and managed to hit the top of the ball. Needless to say, the two Frenchmen were ridiculed and Thierry Henry decided it would be a good idea for him to take penalties in future.

The Premier League remains one of, if not the best football league in the world. With so many amazing footballers on show playing high paced entertaining football, we love to have a bit of fun and place a bet on Premier League football matches or who will win this years Premier League. We can bet there will be plenty of action and many more funny moments to add to this list of funniest premier league moments. We hope you enjoyed this post and please comment below if you have any moments you feel we have missed and would like showcasing.


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